Product Care

Firefly Organic Chewy Necklace: Worn around neck or wrist. Ok to chew on. Do not swallow fabric. Wash in cold water and air dry.

Firefly Textured Keychain Fidget; Firefly Mini Fidget Keychain; Firefly Fidget Keychain; Firefly Fidget Scarf; Firefly Preschool Tiles; Firefly Pocket Fidget; Firefly Texture Bracelet; Firefly Lace Fidget Bracelet; Firefly Wrist Fidget: Not to be chewed on. If snaps become loose, or beads fall out, discontinue use. Wash in cold water and air dry.

Firefly Sensory Sling; Firefly Sensory Sack; Firefly Sensory Bed Wrap; Firefly Sensory Stretch Pillow;
Firefly Diabetes Pump Belt; Firefly Sensory Tube Necklace
An adult should supervise use of all items, especially if faces are covered or fabric is being wrapped around the body. None are meant to be used as a child carrier. Do not force child in lycra or cover their face with material without their ok. Do not restrain child in lycra. They should be able to get out of materials independently. Wash in cold water. Dry in drier or air dry.

Firefly Weighted Lap Pad; Firefly Texture Lap Pad; Firefly Weighted/Textured Lap Pad; Firefly Weighted Fidget Lap Pad; Firefly Lap Pad; Firefly Weighted Blanket: If notions, such as buttons or poly pellets, become loose, remove and discard them.  Hand wash or light cycle in washer. Air dry. *Weighted blankets are heavy. If you have a heavier blanket check the weight capacity of your washer before washing it. You could knock your washer out of balance from the weight.

Firefly Heat Pad: Contains natural rice. Heat in 15 second increments in the microwave only. Heating via other means can result in burns. Overheating can result in burns. If rice leaks out, stop use of product. Spot wash.